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January 15, 2006 by
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Here are the House Socks on my father-in-law. He says, “They fit great, they look good, and I love them.” He also went on to say, “The fit would be just a little loose for a regular sock, but it is just right for a house sock. I particularly like them for reading and for sitting at the computer.” After I mailed the socks away, I quickly missed them. No problem. I picked up a bunch more of the Jaeger Chamonix and some Berroco Pleasure and I’ll be making my whole family (including myself) some House Socks.

And check out Liam in his new Dinosaur Sweater. He’s stopped complaining that it itches and he’s been wearing it happily.

My sister-in-law says she loves her Neck Gaiter. She says it is really soft and looks nice with her coat. My brother also really loves his hat. He says, “It’s super warm and I love the soft lining inside.” He is planning on wearing it ice fishing.

And my mom said she’s going to be the envy of all the other Red Hat Society Members when she wears her new socks.

I said I’m not going to make so many knitted gifts again. But with feedback like this, it’ll be hard to resist making more.


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  1. Jess on Mon, 16th Jan 2006 11:32 am
  2. The socks look great – and I bet your son loved his sweater after he got over the ‘scratchiness’ of it :o) The hat looks great, too!

    Knitting gifts is a vicious circle – you swear you’ll never do it again then once you see everyone enjoying everything you worked so hard to make you want to start all over again. Only earlier in the year. ;o)

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