Bad Gauge & Good Heels

September 3, 2005 by
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Practice makes perfect, right? I sure hope so.

So after reading and studying Claudia’s Short-Row Heels tips I tried a practice heel. Oh so much better, thank goodness. She went into great detail on how to grab those wraps when knitting and purling them. So now I’m ready to go back to those real socks and give the heels a try again.

Now let’s talk about that Dino Sweater. What’s up with my problems with gauge? I knitted a few inches of the back of the sweater and took a look at it. How was that going to fit half way around my Liam? I took out my ruler and it was true; it was not wide enough. The sweater would be three inches shorter around if I kept up this gauge. Time to do more gauge swatches. I’ll try to keep a positive attitude. I need to remember how well all the gauge obsession turned out for my NBaT.

Other knitting news: I’ll be taking two classes at Webs this fall, Stitches 1: Multi-Color Techniques and Knit Different. I can’t wait!


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