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July 9, 2005 by
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What! You say I need six skeins of Calmer, not five. F**k.

Yesterday was a big driving day, Minneapolis to Arkansas. And we made it by 11 pm with both kids still awake. Can you believe that? In our regular world they are usually asleep by 7:30/8:00 pm, East Coast time. But this bedtime shift will make things much easier when West Coast visitors (Mike & Jenn and kids) arrive the day after we get back from our vacation. They have a later bedtime.

Anyway, it’s nice being at the in-laws; high-speed connection, peaceful home, and LOTS of space for visitors. So I finished the Branching Out Scarf sometime in Iowa. It’s lovely, but I’m so glad to be done with it. Maybe I wasn’t quite up for lace. I’m surely not the lace queen. But this pattern just kept giving me problems. I can’t tell you how many rows I had to unknit. Fortunately the last four pattern repeats went really smoothly. Here’s a weird thing that I did that I really can’t remember why. I started the scarf on size 4 needles. Then after three pattern repeats, I switched to size 6 because I wanted to see if I liked it better that way. Then I just kept going, rather than decided on the needle size and starting over. So now I had this narrower end, which I don’t love.

So it would look intentional, I switched back to size 4 needles again at the other end. It looks fine when worn around a lovely neck. I’ll post a photo once I block it.

Now that I was done with the scarf, I worked on Blaze, amazingly the only other thing I had on needles. But I was finding it challenging to work on the first row where I just went up a needle size and had to start to cable.

I really wanted to start my Nothin’ But a T-Shirt. I just love how the Calmer feels.

But I had already done two swatches and was having a hard time getting the right gauge. Size 6 wooden needles, 20 sts/4 inches. Size 7 metal needles, 18 sts/4 inches. I needed 19 sts/4 inches. Then I did a swatch on size 7 wooden needles and got 18 sts/4 inches again. When we got to rest stops and coffee shops with free Internet access, I would check out what other people were saying about their problems with getting an accurate Calmer gauge. Many people were having problems. But most found that after washing, the gauge did get smaller; how much, I do not know. So I went with the size 7 needles.

Now it was time to cast on for the back. But as I’m reading the pattern to figure out my size, I notice that the size I think I’m supposed to make, 36, actually calls for 6 skeins of the main color, not 5 as I thought. Not only am I far away from The Yarnery, I bought their last skein of the Peacock color. So that’s the dilemma. How do I deal with this?
• Do I just knit along and hope I only need 5 skeins?
• Do I make the bottom hem in the contrasting color to save MC yarn?
• Do I add a motif/words to the front in the CC to save yarn?
• Do I make shorter sleeves/shirt to save yarn?
• Do I make the smaller size and have a really fitted T-shirt?
• Do I alter the neckline to be more open to save yarn?
• Do I try to find another skein in the MC of the same dye lot?
• Do I get another skein of the MC and use that for the sleeves, hoping the difference isn’t that great?
• Any other suggestions?

What should I do?


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  1. Elabeth on Mon, 25th Jul 2005 10:28 pm
  2. If you ever find yourself in need of Rowan yarns and stuck in Fayetteville, AR again there is a yarn store there called Hand Held: A Knitting Gallery, and they can totally hook you up.

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