More Frogging Than Knitting

June 14, 2005 by
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I’ve been working on patterns where gauge isn’t important, yet I’m frogging more than I’m knitting.

I’ve been knitting the Branching Out scarf from Knitty for someone special. When I first saw it at Knitty, I was drawn to the leaf pattern. I’m using the Filatura Di Crosa Ultralight yarn I got from the Webs Tent Sale, 10 balls for $25. Good deal. I’m using size US 4 bamboo needles. The yarn doesn’t feel as soft as it did the day that I bought it. Maybe it’s just the hot, sticky weather we’ve been having. Without AC downstairs, I don’t care to have fuzzy wool around my neck.

I’ve made a few mistakes already, but nothing I couldn’t cover up or fix. But now look at what I found. Can you see the dropped stitch in the photo? With this complicated lace pattern, I don’t really know where to begin trying to pick up the stitch. I’d rip the whole scarf back, but this yarn doesn’t rip out easily. It really sticks to itself. So with all those balls of Ultralight, I’ll just start over. I want to use bigger needles anyway. I probably dropped the stitch the other night while doing k3tog stitches and watching Angel.

This past weekend I went to Sheep’s Clothing in Milan, New York with my friend Johanna. So much merino and gorgeous colors. And I loved a lot of their patterns. But I was strong and resisted buying much. I bought a set of birch straight needles and a set of birch cable needles. And as for yarn, I only got a single skein of this lovely lace merino for a belt. I’ve been wanting a fun belt to wear with my brown linen pants. I’ve been testing the yarn, knit/frog/knit/frog and knit some more, not quite sure what I wanted to do. I think I may try to go down a few needle sizes. I might like it more.


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  1. mamacate on Fri, 24th Jun 2005 8:41 pm
  2. Hey, mamacate’s lace knitting rescue squad is here and availble to rescue dropped stitches. This time I might even be able to pay attention since Henry is occasionally not glommed to my body. I’m home today–there’s a trip to Costco in my near future, but let me know if you’d like to stop by for some stitch rescue.

    (PS: Can you believe how much Bill is cursing on your blog? Grin)
    (PPS: LOVE the new banner)

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