The Beginning of the Dino Sweater

June 19, 2005 by
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Shhh, don’t tell Liam. I’m knitting a dinosaur sweater for him.

When looking for a dinosaur image to knit on a sweater for Liam, I could only find a long neck dinosaur. But he loves T-rex dinosaurs. So I found an outline of a T-rex and printed it on top of a grid. I colored it in and this is the dinosaur he will now have on his sweater. I bought lots of superwash wool at the Webs Tent Sale last month. The colors I have to work with: light steel blue, light coral, oatmeal, medium steel blue (not the actual color names, I made these up). I have way more than I’ll need for his sweater (39 balls) but I plan to make Ella a jumper with this yarn too. The pattern I’m using is the Yankee Knitter Designs Roll Raglan in Crew.


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