Finished Project: April in December

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Project Specs:
Pattern: April in December by Melissa available soon as a Valley Yarns pattern
Yarn: 3 skeins of Valley Yarns Southwick, color Flamingo
Needles: 4
Size: 6 months

This is a cardigan I finished last month for my new niece. I can’t believe I never got around to blogging about it. Thanks Amy for pestering me about the blog.

Blog Catching Up

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A mighty quick recap since I feel like I’ve been blogging all day…


Jane Goodall, and A Hairy Eyeball, and why not?!

Knit Crochet Party-Nov. 16th

Thanks to everyone who came. It was so much fun, and relaxing. It was great to break in the new room.

Grandparents Visits in November

Ella’s Sweater Photo Shoot in October

One of my favorite pictures from Ella’s photo shoot.

Current Project Updates

Really Bill, I’ll finish this before you die.

A cardigan for my new niece.

This project isn’t done yet. I WILL finish it.

Whew! All caught up. Now maybe I can be a better blogger. I blame Ravelry.

Finished Project: Tangled Yoke

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Project Specs:
Pattern: Tangled Yoke Cardigan by Eunny Jang
Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed
Needles: 0, 3, 4
Size: 36″
Pattern Alterations: 1/2 ” longer in the sleeves, otherwise followed the pattern.

The buttons are too heavy for the flimsy button band. If I was doing this over, I’d pick up fewer stitches for the button band. But I may get around to sewing some fabric or ribbon to the inside of the band, and attaching lighter weight buttons. Otherwise I love this sweater. It’s very comfortable.

My Blog Links: Tight Tangled Yoke Neck, Tangled Yoke Errata?, , Tangled Yoke Errata?

Finished Project: Sharlene Scarf

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Project Specs:
Pattern: Crocheted Woven Stitch Pattern with fringe
Yarn: Valley Yarns 8/2 Tencel and Brooks Farm Riata
Hook: J
Size: 60″

Sharlene at work is an amazing crocheter. She came in one day with a finished scarf I knew I just had to make. This is my version of it. I finished this in one weekend. Could I possibly be turning into a crocheter?

Finished Projects: The Rhinebeck Guilt

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Feeling a little guilty about my fun weekend, I knit two things while at Rhinebeck this year for Ella and Liam.

Project Specs:
Pattern: Woodin
Yarn: Scrap yarn
Needles: 10.5

Project Specs:
Pattern: DROPS Design Headband
Yarn: Leftover Lorna’s Laces Worsted from my raglan sweater
Needles: 7

Ella’s wearing this ALL of the time. She love’s it.

I never get around to blogging about Rhinebeck. Must be a busy time of the year for me. Here’s the one photo I took. It’s of the pre-opening tailgate party our group had.

Finished Square: 9

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Horizontal Chain

Still don’t love slip stitch. But it blocked out nicely.

Finished Project: Sweet Pea Sacque

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Project Specs:
Pattern: Sweet Pea by Knitting at KNoon
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino: 4 02, 1 101, 1 11
Needles: US 0, 1, 2, 3
Size: newborn
Pattern Alterations:
• jogless stripes: 11 rows green, 1 row brown, 3 rows white, 1 row brown.
• 1 band of reverse stockinette around middle
• reverse stockinette on cuffs and neckband instead of garter stitch
• picked up 44 stitches for each arm and decreased every 6 rows down the arm

Dealing with the shoulders and weaving in all those ends nearly drove me crazy. But I like the finished product.

The jogless stripes I tried were mostly effective. But I did have to do a little duplicate stitch on two of them to make them look better.

This is for my new niece Amelia. I hope it fits. She is a big baby, over 9 1/2 pounds and 22 inches long. Born a week early at home. I’m looking forward to seeing her in March.

Ella’s Sweater Errata

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Here are a couple of changes to the largest size of Ella’s sweater in case you bought an early copy of the pattern.

Back/Front: When casting on for the largest size, cast on 122 sts, not 120.

At the end of the baby cable ruffle on the back/front do the following for Row 11: K2, *(K2tog, P2tog), repeat from * until 4 sts remain. K2tog, K2.

Too Much Yarn, or Lots of Choices; You decide

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Yesterday I spent a lot of time getting my stash up on Ravelry. Holy cow! I thought I might have a fair amount of yarn, but it’s a little more than I thought. I’ve started listening to Stash & Burn and really only had their numbers to go by. One said they had over 30,000 yards of yarn, the other over 60,000 yards. Well I have just over 50,000 yards, not including my partial skeins or the yarn in my current projects. This is coming from 239 skeins of yarn.

I have it in my head that I really want to buy 2 balls of Quiviet at Rhinebeck next year. Yes, these can be $80/ball. So I thought I’d set a goal to meet before I bought these two balls of uber-expensive yarn. Do I go by the amount of space that the yarn takes up, number of balls, or number of yards. If I was going to go by the space it takes up, I’d would love to fit in the boxes above my sewing cabinet again. The yarn has spilled over into my sewing cabinet (really that should just be for my fabric and beads), above the shelves in the office, and a big basket in the living room.

If I go by yardage…how much would be reasonable? 20% sounds reasonable. So that would be mean that I need to knit 10,000 yards of yarn by next October. That seems like a lot.

If I go by skeins…that would be almost 50 skeins. Of course this doesn’t include any yarn I might purchase in the next year. Who knows what amazing new closeout or yarn is around the corner. The Malabrigo Silky Merino that came in today seems like a yarn that I really need.

A fair amount of my yarn is either fingering or laceweight. That would take up much more time to knit up. So I think going by volume or skeins makes the most sense to me.

Tight Tangled Yoke Neck

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OK, so I owe the blog two finished projects now. Blame it on Ravelry. I’ve posted the finished items there, but not here. Oh, and I’ve been traveling, checking out yarn stores, and then there’s Rhinebeck…bad blogger I know.

(I hate taking late night blog photos. But I’m digging the multi-mirrors we have in the bathroom now.)

But anyway. Here I am knitting away on my Tangled Yoke when really I should be sewing a hairy eyeball. But the soon to be eyeball is sleeping and I can’t measure him. I think I’ll have to do some pre school measuring in the morning. So I bound off for my neck and it looks to be too tight. Crap! Double crap! That was a tedious bind off. So I’ll live with it for a day or two before I decide to take it out and do it over. Because you know I’ll end up doing it over anyway. Who am I kidding. But I can’t face taking it out tonight. Despite the tight neck that’s puckering…I love this sweater. It fits just right, good length, sleeves not too short. I am so excited to wear it soon.

And a photo from the weekend…budding weaver, no?

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