The addition obviously took away 300+ square feet of yard (well, of patio, but we want a patio too, so eventually yard).  So we’re going to move the fence that divides front yard from back forward about twenty feet, shrinking the front yard (which we don’t really use) and expanding the back (which we do).  That means adding fencing, and it also gave us a chance to replace our old gate — which we loved, but it was falling apart. So I asked Dena’s dad, who’s an amazing woodworker, to make one for her for Christmas.  And he did:  Dena’s blog post has more, including his description of the pattern and the source wood.

And it feels great.

We still need to get office furniture for Dena for that bare end and to get up the Phyllis Weiner piece between the sconces. And presumably some other things. And we’re still tweaking the new heating system to keep it from spraying nasty radiator water all over our rooms.

But we’re basically in. The speakers all work (hooray!) and the room sounds terrific. So nice getting to think about a/v stuff while designing a room.

Some pictures:








Final inspection tomorrow. One more coat on the floor on Saturday. Then we can move in! (Sometime they’ll take away the dumpster, level out the yard, etc., too.)







The built-ins are really coming along, and doesn’t the window seat area look cozy, especially with the lights in the soffit thing?




I think the carpenter is aiming to be done with all of the built-ins and trim today. Then the painters need to come back to paint all of that, and the floor needs one more coat of polyurethane. And of course the electrician needs to come back to put in all of the fixtures. Super close to being done, though!

The built-ins are getting installed, and man, they’re nice.


(There will be a pad on that space below the window making a window seat. And there will be shelves in the vertical spaces to either side of the window.)



(And between those windows will be our armoir.)

(Doors on all of the cabinets along the floor, all the way around.)

And they finished the outdoor painting and the match is about as good as you could hope for:


Nothing huge new – mostly they’ve been doing the finishing coats on the floor, which looks pretty great. But I wanted to show the color of the walls better and to show the nice sunlight. Recall that below the window on the right here will be a window seat. Nice!


And another couple of pictures to show off the light:



With a floor in place, today the painters came and did a second coat on the ceiling (which looks great) and primed and painted the walls the correct color (you’ll recall an error on the initial paint color). This is what we were hoping for, though the pictures don’t do a great job of showing it:




And they did a primer coat on the shingles outside too – though there was a possibility that we wouldn’t get the outside paint until spring, it looks like we’re in good shape there too:


Sanding and finishing of the floor will be Wednesday through Friday. I think that means cabinets next week. Whoo-hoo!

We have one:



We also still, you will observe, have pink walls. I think those will be painted the correct color tomorrow. Then in some order the floors will be sanded and stained and the cabinets will be installed. Then there’s the trim and installing the outlets, switches, etc. I suppose there must be something more but not much. Getting close!

The paint fix will be later, it turns out. (Probably Friday of this week or early next.)

Instead, we’re getting the pipes for the in-floor heat. Cool (ha!) stuff:




Just because I wanted to see what the insulation looked like down in the crawlspace and I saw a chance, I poked the camera down that hole and took a picture:


I observe that some of the insulation is not happily up in the floor. Will have to note that for the contractor.

In the basement, nifty control stuff is getting put together:


And where the other ends of those tubes come out:


So we ordered this color of paint. AF-470. And the painter asked for AF-470. But the paint folks gave them AF-270 instead, and we got, well, pink:


(That’s actually the primer, but it’s still the wrong primer for the wrong color.)

They’ll be coming back out tomorrow.

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