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Buy a dryer, get a dozen CDs free

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

We are getting closer and closer. We bought a 2 year old gas dryer from Craig’s List in February. A transfer to Vendorville had brought it from Detroit, only to discover he bought an all-electric house. We got a great deal on it – probably one-third of retail. Plus, he and his wife work for Motown, and he gave Don a dozen CDs. I love Craig’s List. Since we bought our front-loading washing machine about two years ago (on clearance), the look should be very compatible with the dryer. Different brands, but very similar look. The dryer is the next-to-last appliance – we are getting a new fridge (which is on back-order), hoping to take advantage of the EnergyStar rebate.

The laundry room may be the first room with trim since we’d rather put the baseboard up before the appliances are installed. Don’s taken some of our used trim, and is planing off the painted edges so we can turn it around (rather than strip it). The plumber put in shut-off valves in the laundry room last week, so they should go in pretty soon.

Later, after we move in, I’d like a drying rack like this one for my unmentionables.The click-through takes you to a nice description of how to build it. We have plenty of used beadboard and knobs and other bits so the cost should actually be a lot less than the $25 it took for her to build it.

laundry drying rack final_thumb[1]

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