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I’ve got twenty minutes … only now it’s twelve minutes

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

I put rice on the stove, and thought I might be able to wrap up one of my (many) pending posts and post it, but … I have a cat who insists on kissing my thumbs (when she’s not investigating the computer screen) and I’ve lost the cord that lets me download photos from my camera. (The camera was out of commission for a while when its card wore out. Then the computer had to go back to be completely rebuilt. The new computer, just bought in December, needed so many parts that the computer guy said that he was at the point of demanding a new one for me. Feh.) So, this will be a random thought post without much editing.

We are making great progress. Not enough that the bank doesn’t get another opportunity to foreclose this week, but great progress. The banker came by Friday, and asserted that he would recommend that the construction loan be closed out, but we’ve heard that before. Without a certificate of occupancy, I expect another bill for $212 to extend the construction loan another month or two. I’m hoping we’re weeks away from a CO, especially since we have family coming in town in early May and I think we’re still on the hook for hosting the Little One’s grade school teachers’ appreciation lunch in May.

Progress: kitchen cabinets are installed, of the 5 bathrooms: one (the basement 1/2 bath) is complete; one is grouted, caulked, and sealed but lacks installed fixtures; one is grouted and sealed and should be caulked by the end of tonight, one is grouted and sealed, but for the shower which does have backerboard, and one has the floor installed, but not sealed and the shower has not been backerboarded. The stair treads and risers are installed, as are about 1/3 of the balusters. (You really need to see photos: marble tiles in three baths, cherry and oak stairs with cool balusters inspired by a Greene & Greene inspired staircase, creamy yellow kitchen, … but I’m racing against the clock.)

Still need: hot water, and two toilets upstairs and a functioning shower. I’d appreciate having the soapstone countertops installed in the kitchen and the appliances installed, including the washer and dryer. (Fridge is backordered until April 15th, but we have one of the tenant fridges on the front porch which would work.)

And, there comes the kid and there goes the timer. So here comes the post.

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