Anaglypta = embossed, paintable wallpaper made from linseed oil. Invented in late 1800s. Related to Lincrusta.

Dado = Wallpaper term.

Frieze = Wallpaper term.

FSBO (pronounced FizzBeau) = for sale by owner. Usually followed within a month by engaging a real estate agent.

Lincrusta = embossed, paintable wallpaper made from linseed oil. Has a higher profile than Anaglypta (or the other way round). Often seen in stairwells.

Linoleum = flooring made from linseed oil. (Lincrusta, linoleum, and anaglypta were all invented by Walton.)

Parkway = The space between the sidewalk and the street. Usually owned by the city, yet maintained by the homeowner. First heard used in Chicago, where the parkway is a challenge to landscape because of the salty winters. (The need to protect the line of sight for drivers should be paramount in designing these landscapes.)  Our old hometown, La Grange, enforced their city ordinance, and removed any plantings over two feet tall (mostly privacy hedges on main street corners).

PO = Previous owner. Often known for doing astonishing things to the house.

SAHD = (1) Stay At Home Dad. (Compare with SAHM.) (2) Swiss Avenue Historic District, Dallas, Texas.

SAHM = Stay At Home Mom.

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