We’re back!

Soon after my last post (in April 2010), we moved into our house in the dead of night. The combination of our daughter being desperate to stop the commute from my mom’s house to grade school with my cousin needing a place to sleep = a move into our house. It lacked a lot of stuff… for instance, few doors, no closet rods, and no internet connection. There’s a limit to what I’m willing to do with an iPhone. So, the internet has had to do without my house updates for 2+ years, but the bank did convert our construction loan to a mortgage.

A few months later, we tried to refinance, but the appraiser concluded that the house was worthless  without trim. Seriously. He refused to appraise the house ‘as is.’ And our credit union agreed. So, some more months later, we went to the local bank which held our paper, and their appraiser was willing to appraise our house. We did eventually refi, but it’s a different world from ten years ago – amazing mortgage rates, but it takes work to persuade a bank to let go some of “their” money. (The local bank sold our paper the day we refi’ed.)

We decided not to try to roll our credit card debt (accrued in the desperate push to get the construction loan closed) into the mortgage. So we went on the cash-onlymostly plan a year ago January. We paid off the credit cards and are on track to pay off my mom by year’s end, I think. (Yay, us!)

Progress: We have doors on all the bathrooms. Door knobs on about half of them. Most of the grout is done. Trim in some rooms. Wallpaper in two rooms. Windows rebuilt in all but one room. (Unfortunately, the room we spend most of our time in.) Window treatments in some of the rooms. Closet rods in some of the closets. We’ve got the ivy mostly out of the front yard and side yard.

But, we’re a long way from being done – which might be just as well. I like this house, and I’d just as soon stay.

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