Our other houses, Part 2 (North Howe)

After I sold my apartment in the Churchill (and stayed briefly in a small loft in the Cobbler Square Apartments, purportedly an old Dr. Scholl’s shoe factory), I bought a place on North Howe the week before I met Don in September. It was not an old house per se, but it was in a neighborhood of old houses (and new McMansions) and it turned out to be old enough that most of its systems needed replacing.  (Big clue:  The air conditioner quit working during the inspection.  Turned out to be a slow Freon leak.  Decided it was easier to replace the Freon every 18 months or so than to replace the compressor, which was 2.5 stories off the ground.) Our townhouse was built in the 1970s and looked more like the older new house at 1811 North Howe than the McMansion next door in the Then and Now pictures linked above. This links to a pretty bad picture from the Cook County Assessor.

By Easter, our relationship was at the point that Don and his father painted the whole interior (except the one bedroom I painted before my 2nd date with Don — I obliterated the cute ducklings and faux sky all by myself — the rest of the house had been painted  ceiling white, and it irritated Don).  Over time, we gutted two of the bathrooms, replaced a flat roof and roof deck, had a water source run up to the roof, installed (and reinstalled after the roof and deck were replaced) a drip irrigation system for all the pots on the roof, considered replacing the a/c, built lots of storage, changed out the washer and dryer, and … Anyway, the place had a new look when we sold it in 2001, after we’d been married a year.

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