Shameless plug for Rejuvenation

… or their contest. I became a Facebook fan of Rejuvenation over the weekend, and discovered that they are hosting (besides the show us your lovely home contest) a contest for ugliest wallpaper.  The one with the most comments by some time on Tuesday wins a copper McCoy fixture. Despite having nearly all our lights in (Yay!), there’s always room for a Rejuvenation fixture.It would either go in the kitchen or laundry room.

I put two in because Don and I disagree about which is uglier, so I may have split my votes, but my Mexican/Dutch hybrid paper is currently in the lead — with very little self-promotion, so I wouldn’t mind if any of my readers went and commented. Here are the two I entered:

They both came from the kitchen in the upstairs apartment (No. 3, I think), that was installed in the former (and current) porch. The chicken wallpaper covered the Dutch/Mexican paper. The chicken paper was in turn covered by a plaid paper, which was covered by red paint in some parts. The link may not work unless you are a Rejuvenation fan on Facebook. If you aren’t a Facebook fan, then you can type Rejuvenation into the search field, and then become a fan. (Or you could go to Rejuvenation’s web page, and become a fan that way – that’s how I did it. You may then have to change to Rejuvenation’s wall tab to find my wallpaper – you’ll know it when you see it.) Or don’t – that’s OK with me, too.

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