The fish fountain

Last summer, we ran up to the Chicago ‘burbs to visit Don’s family. After we cashed out my La Grange bank account, we stopped at a water garden store to get some anti-algae stuff for the fountain my dad gave my mom for their anniversary. (It was getting gunky. The fountain, not the anniversary.) We did a little window shopping at the same time, which turned into real shopping when we saw a fountain that looked a lot like this.

two koi granite fountain

Only a lot cheaper. Hand-crafted by an Ohioan. And we had money burning a hole in my wallet. We ended up with the fountain, the pump, the box to put the pump in, and the lining for probably a third of this fountain. And we got a rough sketch of how to install it, and were told we should use Mexican cobbles and polyurethane them so they would look like they were always wet. We plan to install a round water feature with the fish in the middle of our front walk (and flush with the walk*), with a faux bridge and a dry stream bed leading off to the north (down the hill and around the side of the house). Today I’m thinking about planting grape hyacinth and violets in the dry stream bed. And maybe other blue flowers for later in the year.

*Or maybe raised. Depending on where the water main is. A raised water feature might eliminate the motivation for a bridge and dry stream, however.

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