My camera blew up …

… and the dog ate my homework.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another conspiring to keep me from posting regularly. First the ice storm a year ago. Then Daddy’s illness and death seven months ago, and the malaise that followed. Then the lack of a computer attached to the internet in the guest house. Now it’s my camera card. We’re in the middle of tiling, and I’ve been taking pictures to document it … pictures which show up in my camera but which refuse to upload. My brother has diagnosed a faulty card, and I need to buy a new one, but we’re busy tiling. I have discovered that it’s hard for me to write about what’s going on without pictures. So, this entry will feature pictures suitable for the Emperor. (The one who had no clothes.)

We have finished the wall work in the Little One’s bathroom. She complains that it’s boring, and it’s not fair because she’s wild. We respond that she’s a free-loading tenant. Nobody is persuaded. She suggested that we could at least put some yellow ones in the empty spots on the ends (where we have to cut tile to fit). We suggest that she can be creative with paint or accessories. Still, nobody is persuaded.

[Here is where the picture of the subway tile in progress would have gone.]

It’s nice white subway tile, with two black liners, and a black and white pinwheel mosaic (Chloe) on the floor. Don did most of it, but I tried my hand at the subway while thinset was setting and he was meeting with a sub. I decided I could do it, even though the first time I did it, I laid four rows before I realized I’d left out the liner row. So, I ripped it out before the thinset had set.

[Picture of the partial wall that I did correctly.]

We have learned that the American Olean’s Chloe comes in dye lots (or whatever they’re called), and that they don’t always match. (Even though their website asserts that the shade variation is low.) So Don ripped out three square feet before that thin set had set. Two steps forward, one step back.

[Picture of Little One's floor.]

Soon, we’ll be ready for grout and sealer. We have three more bathrooms to do.

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