What to do with the salvaged tile?

I have been gradually removing mastic from the creamy yellow kitchen tile* without a clear destination for the cleaned-up tile. I have toyed with the notion of a backsplash in the kitchen, but we probably won’t have enough of the tile. Today, I am toying with tiling our kitchenette’s counter.

The kitchenette will be upstairs in our master sitting room. It will be a long wall with one of our apartment stoves, an undercounter refrigerator from my aunt and uncle, a half-size dishwasher (assuming I get the piece replaced that is bent), and one of our long sinks with a drainboard. I don’t remember which one. I think it was the one from the basement apartment (apartment 5). We may have only one long sink since I can only find a photo of one. (Two years is a long time to remember stuff.) I think that’s the stove we’re reusing, too.

Apartment 5 (I think) Sink

That way, we can have coffee on our upstairs porch at our convenience. We may never go downstairs again. :)

Anyway, I am thinking about using the yellow tile on the kitchenette’s counter and backsplash. In its original milieu, it had black trim, but I am thinking about green trim like that shown here (pictures 4, 5, and 6 in the link).


I liked that kitchen the first time I saw it in Old House Journal, and I like it still. I like the detail of setting it on diagonal on the counter, and running it straight on the backsplash. Plus, I, too, have Jadeite bowls that I could keep on shelves above the kitchenette. I wonder where you get custom Jadeite tile?

[Pause to investigate.] Thanks to retrorenovation, I guess you go to Nemo. Waterpolo looks good. Or to B & W Tiles. If only their catalog had a listing of the colors available. They have a fabulous variety of trim pieces. It does say: “Our glazed products product line includes over 48 different colors, including many colors from the 1920′s to the 1950′s. We have soft yellow, green, blues and tans as well as many intense colors such as cobalt blue, black and root beer.”

On the other hand, black trim looks good, too. wilkins avenue kitchen wood stain island tile countertops backsplash yellow blue And I can get it in a big box store. It has precedent in our house, too.

Or, look: a classic green, yellow and black tile installation.


Or I could go to the classic subway people. They have lots of trim pieces even though they are suspiciously quiet about price and claim that only professionals can handle their stuff. Or these folks.

Oh, dear. I’m afraid I’m getting trapped by too many choices again. However, I do better at making decisions when I have gathered information. And that’s what’s going on here: information gathering. When push comes to shove, I’ll be able to make a decision. I hope.

*I have removed mastic from 78 tiles, or a little more than 8 square feet. Not that I’m counting. Much.

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  1. LisaCarol says:

    http://digitallibrary.interiordesign.net/doc/Library/Pratt-_-Larson-Ceramics/2009063001/ looks like another good source for cool tile and borders. (Source for the green, yellow and black installation.)

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