Ironing Center?

Back when we were planning with our architects, I asked for a built-in ironing board. We installed one, ummm, two houses ago, and I quite liked it. (Except for having it in the upstairs hallway across from the stair windows that looked into our neighbors’ house so I pretty much had to be dressed to use the ironing board. That put extra pressure on my mornings.) This one is going into our walk-in master closet where there are no windows so all is good. Except …

Now I have to choose the right one. It turns out that built-in ironing boards are called ‘ironing centers’ and there are choices. Beyond whether it swivels or not. (I want one that swivels, by the way.) They come with lights or without. (Our last one had a light, and I think that was a good idea, but our closet should be well lit so maybe that isn’t necessary.) And with a choice of doors. (Oak raised? Or white melamine? Or birch flat? Or maybe a mirror? Or should I have my local craftsman make one?) And adjustable heights. Or, I could just get a fold-away ironing board and hang the iron on a iron hanger for a whole lot less. Gaack! Too many choices!*

The pricing is a mystery, too. I thought I had it figured out, but shipping varies at random. And the Broan I thought I wanted (because it should come with a mirror) seems to vary its part number at random. Some sites offer the right one, but without a door. In theory, you order the door separately, but these sites don’t offer any doors at all. Why bother?

And then there are the names. Apparently the hide-aways and the iron-aways are two different brands. And Broan’s line is called PressRite. (It comes in three different versions: basic, standard, and deluxe. I’m not positive, but I think the difference between standard and deluxe is that the deluxe has adjustable heights.) What if I press wrong? Will the Broan fuss at me?

And then there’s an internet site that, when I put things in my shopping cart to calculate shipping, offers to discount the cart by $10.57, but only for the next ten minutes. If I wanted the pressure of buying it now, I’d buy things from an infomercial … not on line. (Oh, and when I went back again today, that site offered the same discount again. And, even without the discount, their price seems better than the others. Plus it seems to sell doors.)

Maybe I should just forget the whole thing. I don’t really do that much ironing any more. Rumpled is more professional, isn’t it?

So, instead of choosing an ironing center, I wrote this blog entry. Maybe tomorrow I’ll choose one.

*There are certain catalogs I can’t order from because they offer too many things for me to choose among. Especially plant catalogs. And book catalogs.

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One Response to “Ironing Center?”

  1. jayne says:

    I had no idea there were so many choices when it came to ironing centers–or even that they’re called “ironing centers”. That would be wonderful, to have an ironing board that folds up in its own closet. And by the way, I can’t look at book catalogs either. I want everything in them. :)

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