Obsessive documentation saves the day!

Or : What once was lost, now is found.

Tonight Don mentioned that the drywall guys covered the side speaker in the family room. At least I think he said side speaker. I am not the audiophile in the family. He might have said white sneaker although I am not aware of any missing white sneakers. In any event, his demeanor suggested that we might just have the entire section of drywall removed to find it. I suggested we turn instead to my obsessive documentation.

The week after Daddy died, I went through the house photographing every room’s walls and ceilings (after the wiring and before the drywall). I took 182 pictures one day, and returned the next day to take an additional 159. I was inspired by his documentation of his house’s construction.

So we scrolled through iPhoto to the section labeled ‘Family Room.’ (I printed out the name of each room in large font, and photographed it when I moved to that room. That made the documentation much faster later, especially since I needed to upload photos twice to get them all.)

Family room wiring index card

And then we looked at the photos until we saw the one with the right wall. The missing thing is the little blue thing above the window, and the next stud out. Then I emailed it to Don and now he can show it to the dry wall guys. Ta-Da! The white sneaker, or side speaker, now is found.

Speaker wiring

I think I might take after my dad.

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One Response to “Obsessive documentation saves the day!”

  1. Holly Childs says:

    I think you might take after your father. He used his obsessive-documentation-in-the-form-of-photographs to show the workers where they could drill a large hole in the middle of the living room floor in between the in-floor heat pipes, for the wiring for the electric outlet they apparently didn’t think we were serious about needing.

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