Exterior Progress: December 2007-December 2009

Sometimes I lose sight of what a change we have made in our house. Although we hear repeatedly from passersby that the open porches made a huge difference, I forget what a monolithic presence the house was – even with all those windows.
Exterior before offer November 2007
Exterior before trim December 2007 new paint

3 October 2008 3 October 2008 new roof going up

October 2008 October 2008 new roof, Razorback in window (left by tenants)
May 16 2009 exterior sleeping porch 16 May 2009 new siding
May 18 2009 porch construction 18 May 2009 new sleeping porches
June 5 2009 porches 5 June 2009 new French doors, new paint (again)
June 30 2009 exterior 30 June 2009, family in town for Daddy’s memorial service
July 24 2009 exterior 24 July 2009 more trim work

Exterior December 2009 December 2009 exterior paint done, same old husband :)

P.S. Look at me! I edited the html to make thumbnails when WordPress insisted I couldn’t have thumbnails, and then I edited it further to make thumbnails a little bit bigger. Wow! Also, look! I found our cameras which we had lost for two weeks. (They were right where I put them and in a canvas bag, just as I though. They must have taken off their cloaks of invisibility.)

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