Looking Ahead to Finish Work: Floral Barkcloth Draperies

Don banned me from the house last week while he did the first rounds of sanding the floors. Understandably, since I have dust allergies. In an effort to console me, he suggested that I could start sewing curtains. After I squawked that I couldn’t because I had no fabric, I went on a shopping spree.

After hours on EBay, I have decided that a nice thing about a 20th century house is that, in contrast to the Chicago Victorians I still miss, there are still original furnishings in pretty good shape. I discovered I have a crush on barkcloth florals (and, less expensively, material from “the barkcloth era”), especially flowers that look a bit like real flowers, such as cabbage roses, irises and hydrangeas.

After an exciting flurry of bidding,* I am awaiting the arrival of these fabrics:

sea-green-faille-peonies-hydrangeas.jpg  milky-tea-faille-peonies-hydrangeas.jpg pink-roses-irises-barkcloth.jpg pink-hydrangeas-barkcloth.jpg midnight-blue-barkcloth-roses-irises.jpg blue-sheer-faille-roses.jpg

Once they come, I’ll have to see how the colors and patterns work together before deciding which ones go where. I expect the four on the left to end up in our master suite, and the two on the right in my sewing room. I also expect that I may need to buy some ticking or something to finish them off with. I’ve got my draperies books in hand, and will be thinking about these issues while watching for the post to arrive.

The fabrics should also help us narrow down our upstairs colors. I have a half dozen bluish-greenish-sageish colors on the wall, trying to decide. Don likes the samples that are a close match for our exterior color, but I’m thinking something with more blue. Whatever we choose, I am going to try something fairly dark in the bedroom since my grandparents’ cherry bedroom set will go there, and cherry looks really good against a dark color.

(Sorry if the paragraphing looks goofy. We’re trying to fix it.)
*Not so much bidding as buy-it-nows, although I did win some ‘or best offer’ offers, too.

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