Kansas City Architectural Salvage: Closed on Tuesdays

We went through Kansas City en route to Chicago for Thanksgiving on a Tuesday so many of the best architectural salvage places were closed. Antiquities and Oddities Architectural Salvage, raved about by our architects, is open Thu-Sat. Urban Mining is only open on the first Friday weekend of the month, when their place is stocked with “our fresh inventory, displayed by over twenty hunter-gatherer-artists who have spent the month combing the urban core for wonderful finds.” Foundation Architectural Reclamation does seem to be open Tu-Sat (11-5), but it looked too high end for us.

Plus we had tickets to see Wicked. We’d missed it in Chicago, Memphis, and Tulsa so we made a special effort to see it en route to Chicago. We brought my mom, so she stayed with the Little One at the hotel-with-a-pool while we went downtown. Thumbnail: The concept was wickedly good, but didn’t really stand up to three years of hype.

And on Wednesday, we had miles and miles to drive. And to argue with the car’s GPS, which really, really, really wanted us to turn around and take the interstate to St. Louis instead of taking US36 to Hannibal MO, and then to Chicago. It was a good Thanksgiving.

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  1. Alexicographer says:

    This made me laugh, as we, too, spent our Thanksgiving drive arguing with our GPS. At one point it kept telling us, “Make a U-turn in a safe location.” Um, no thanks.

    Hope you enjoyed the holiday.

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