Out of money, so maybe we’ll post more often…

Who am I kidding? We’ve been out of money the better part of a month, and I haven’t posted. Maybe just posting tonight will get me started again.

Tonight, Don is on his way home from returning his mom to Chicago after we borrowed her for a couple of weeks, and the Little One drew her own bath and is splashing around so I’m writing. (He was there on Election Night, but didn’t go to the City.) We took her to see various sights, from War Eagle and Applegate craft fairs (where the Little One bought more than we did) to Terra Studios to the Fayetteville Farmers’ Market to Little Rock (zoo, art museum, Flying Fish, the Arkansas River from both North Little Rock and Little Rock sides, a couple of estate sales,* and the Riverfront Park). I don’t think she’s going to move here, but we had a good time and good weather.


Although we may expand on our past house doings later, in sum, we have:

  • a new foundation,
  • a new roof (with reflective sheathing),
  • new exterior walls on the back third of the house,
  • most of the framing done (including a lot of new old walls due to the extent of the fire),
  • missing windows on the front of the house,
  • no plumbing (unless you count the Potty House** out front),
  • a storm shelter,
  • one set of outlets,
  • lots of extension cords,
  • a new electric service,
  • three fewer trees, or maybe four,
  • fewer Japanese honeysuckles (invasive creatures),
  • new kitchen subfloor,
  • a design for the front yard (middle only; I can’t cope with planning the woodland sides of the front yard)
  • lots of estimates for everything that’s left.

We’ve been working with two banks to see about getting a construction loan. (Yes, we waited until the market tanked to run out of money.) The most recent issue has been that we started work without them. I think they wanted to get their construction loan recorded ahead of any sub-contractors, but then the loan would have been bigger since they want it to be finished in 9-12 months, no matter how much work lies ahead. I think one of the banks has found a title company willing to insure over the subs, so we’ll probably be back in the money one way or another. Once we have the money, we’ll do plumbing. Otherwise, Don can always rebuild windows.

*I bought some more half-size cupcake pans so I can make a full recipe of yellow cake cupcakes*** in the tiny pans so I don’t have to eat a full cupcake when I want to sample other desserts, too. Also, a big white round casserole (like my ramekins, only big) and a liquid tablespoon measuring cup, and an Ozark Do-Nothing for the Little One. I didn’t buy two club chairs that I quite liked. We took the Honda to Little Rock, and they couldn’t possibly have fit, and Don and his mom were leaving the next day for Chicago, so those will be the chairs that got away.

** The Potty House is serviced weekly, and the service apparently includes setting it upright when it gets tipped over as an early Halloween trick.

*** Here’s what the cupcakes looked like in mid-October. Our neighbor burned a bunch of our brush, we grilled hotdogs and marshmallows, and I brought cupcakes for Don’s birthday. I made another batch for my office’s birthday later in the month, and I made some for the Little One’s birthday party. I’m looking forward to having enough little pans.


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  1. Craig McD says:

    Do you know where I can buy an Ozark Do-Nothing? I had one way back in 1972 and it go stolen. That was my mistake, taking it to school with me. I thought it was a silly toy but very therapeutic. If you can help me find a store that sells them, I would appreciate it, thanks.

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