Wallpaper before walls

Sorry about that pause. Don was posting for us, and then we drove to Chicago, and then I drove my folks to College Station, Texas and back, and then we spent a day in medical maintenance, and, well, now it’s August. The foundation work is done, the tornado room is almost done,* and we have a basement full of extra cement blocks. And a tandem bicycle,** and a tag-along bicycle,*** and my freezer is full of produce (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, purple hull peas, only not as many purple hull peas as I expected because it turns out that my office is filled with Southerners who love purple hull peas, especially when they’re already hulled. Next time I’m in College Station and the Farm Patch is selling, I’ll buy a five pound bag for each of them.)

I have been wanting to buy expensive reproduction wallpaper for a while. I’ve been watching EBay for Bradbury paper, and the couple of times I’ve bid, I’ve been beat.  Don’s been hesitant, probably because we don’t have walls yet and may run out of money before we have walls. Rational enough, but I still look at the wallpaper.

Wednesday, Charles Rupert emailed me … only I didn’t know it was Charles Rupert because they’ve changed their name to Historic Style.  Their private wallpaper line is using Charles Rupert, and the rest of the business is using Historic Style. Anyway, they emailed a newsletter that included their private sale for email subscribers only. I opened it up Thursday, and saw a mess of paper that I liked.  Small volumes (hence good prices).  Don and I went through it when I got home from work, and agreed we both like the paper. Then, we measured rooms on our plans, and hypothesized about how much wainscoting we would use so we could buy/afford enough paper. Then, we waited. Why? Because Charles Rupert is in Victoria, BC (a city I loved when I visited on business even before I owned an old house), and the paper couldn’t be bought online and they keep regular business hours. So, I tried  to prepare myself for someone else pouncing on the paper — there were only three or four that came in sufficient amounts to even do a small powder room and we wanted some of all of them. But, as it turned out, Don scored for us.

So, since I love sharing a bargain after the fact, here’s the link to the newsletter. We bought the brick on brick mallow (Kate Faulkner for Morris & Co., handprinted, regular price $250/double roll) for our dining room. A splurge at $89/double roll. And the blue Jugendstil Craftsman ($19/double roll!) for my sewing room. And the pink acanthus ($19/double roll) probably for the powder room, but I think Don may have bought more just in case. And a couple of pieces of the Standen paper, possibly for behind the Murphy bed. Wow! Good thing we’re good at hanging expensive paper together…

Now, if we could just get some walls to hang the paper on.


* The door still needs installing, and the ceiling needs to be put in.  I guess our foundation guys are coming back to do that and put in some beams to hold up the second floor.

** Don and I took the tandem (Craig’s List score) out for a spin today.  In the 94 degree heat.  I haven’t been on a bike since I was too pregnant to balance.  She’s almost six now.  I think this will be fun once I quit with the death grip on the handlebars.  I figure that since we can paper together, we can probably ride the same bike.   We practiced in an abandoned subdivision where no one could see us and the roads were very good.  Tandem biking is tricky, although it will probably be even trickier once we put the Little One on the end with her tag-along bike.  She’s enjoying riding with Don — lots of stares and comments.

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