Peace of Mind… The Sequel

In addition to bad electric, we had some bad trees. We had three old oaks, probably as old as the house – maybe older.

tree3.JPG tree2.JPG tree1.JPG

I’m sure these were grand specimens at one time, but by the spring of 2008 they were just old – mostly trunks with a few large branches jutting out precariously over our neighbor’s belongings. I was afraid a spring storm would blow up and knock one of them into a neighbor’s house, or car, or cat, or child, or child holding a cat… you get the idea. So, we hired some tree guys to cut them down and haul them away. This is definitely NOT a good DYI project!

tree4.JPG tree9.JPG

They made quick work of it – a couple of days. I especially like this sequence.


I’m sure you can tell from the pictures that this work was done in the spring. We had a rough spring here in Arkansas. About two weeks after these trees were removed, a big storm took out several large trees in the neighborhood. Timing is everything!

As a sidebar, we found this little guy hugging a large stump.


One of the tree cutters thought it was a black widow. Lisa’s mom thought it wasn’t. Any ideas?

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  1. Robin says:

    It’s a genuine black widow…

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