Another Tenant?

The Little One found this guy hanging out about three feet off the ground, in a large bush (or small tree thing), in front of the dining room window.

snake1.JPG snake2.JPG

Not being a native southerner (this is Don again), I mildly freaked out (the Little One just thought it was cool). I held it together enough to get the photos, then headed home to ask the native southerner I’m married to exactly what I had taken a picture of… apparently not poisonous, and I am apparently a snake weenie (which I already knew, and I freely admit). I haven’t seen it again.

Incidentally, that bush/tree thing is coming down! (ETA by Lisa: It’s a bush honeysuckle, an enthusiastic invasive.)

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3 Responses to “Another Tenant?”

  1. jenni says:

    I think the saying is…
    “Red and Yellow kill a fellow.”
    This one’s red is next to the black.
    (someone will correct me if I am wrong.)
    Looks like a type of king snake. Which is a good snake as far as snakes go. He eats the bad snakes. But I freak out when I see any snake, then have bad nightmares. So by looking at this picture, I will probablly have bad dreams about snakes tonight. I know……..crazy.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Looks like a garter snake to me! They are great for eating mosquitoes and other bad bugs.

  3. GrandHolly says:

    The “red and yellow and black” rhymes, which I can never remember, refer to snakes with horizontal stripes. This cute little guy is some beneficial garden snake, and I’m glad you overcame your terror long enough to take its picture!

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