Ceci n’est pas une paroi rocheuse.

This is not a rock wall. (Apologies to Rene Magritte.) Or, rather, this entry is not about our rock wall.  One day I will show you our dry-laid-native-stone retaining wall that was 95% finished when the spring rains started. This is not the day, but here’s a quick sneak peek of a smallish piece of it.


Today is the day I show our driveway, ordinarily filled with one of these thirty-yard dumpsters (Don has filled five so far):

… instead filled with this:

Our neighbors’ materials for their own rock wall. (Mortar instead of dry-laid.) Their contractor keeps muttering about new gravel for our driveway. Whatever. I’m just glad we are on a dumpster hiatus while we catch up on pulling nails, sorting salvage, and making big plans. (Another meeting with the architects next week. Foundation work starting soon. Four big, dead trees down. At least the storms at 4:30 this morning didn’t get us.)

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