Powder room sink

Our architects are fitting a powder room under the stairs so they need a wee, tiny sink. We happen to have an assortment. This is the tiniest of them all. Despite its diminutive size, the spread between the faucets is twelve inches.  (Isn’t it cool how the architects are actually working out specs from our inventory?)

Pretty wide for a mixer to bridge, but I think I don’t want unmixed, single faucets, no matter how pseudo-authentic.

We thought for a while about a faucet on one side and a soap dispenser on the other.

Maybe a faucet like this, gooseneck-sink-mixer-faucet.jpg, or this [kitchen] faucet, single-handle-kitchen-faucet.jpg, or this, single-hole-bathroom-faucet.jpg, with a soap dispenser like this. soap-dispenser.jpg

We started to worry about how big the receiving hole in the sink would need to be and how splashy the faucet might be, and then I figured out the terminology and dimensions for what we needed: a twelve inch bridge lavatory faucet.

This 12″ bridge lavatory faucet (available in chrome) will be fine, except Don wants nickel — more authentic to the period. 12-bridge-lavatory-faucet.jpg (Some other choices here. Oh, look! Chicago Faucets has a 12″ bridge in polished or matte nickel.)

We’ll just need a plug for the basin to attach to the little nubby deal on the sink. Ahem. (After several minutes of searching VanDykes on line for the plug I saw in their paper catalog). I mean, a rubber sink stopper and chain. Looks like I should be able to buy a stopper and chain at the hardware store for a tenth the price when I know the dimensions of the drain and whether the bridge faucet is chrome or nickel.

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  1. jennfier says:

    It is neat how they are using your existing materials! I like the bridge faucet a lot.

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