First draft of plans

The first draft from our architects looks good.  Four bedrooms, three baths up, guest room with accessible bath down. Powder room under the stairs probably. Rebuilding the stairs so they can be relocated a pinch and to address the head-banging header on the first landing. Moving basement stairs to the back of the house. Laundry chute and dumbwaiter centrally located.  (Near the washer/dryer on the first floor, and pretty reachable from the basement garage.)  Returning the front porches to porches.  Deck off the family room with carport underneath — although that’s likely to need a variance, and is unlikely to be done in our first round unless Fayetteville construction is considerably cheaper then we think.

Master suite with sitting room, walk-in closet, and tub + separate shower in the bathroom. The suite will probably start out as public space since we hope to move in upstairs and then finish downstairs. Kitchenette in sitting room, with gas stove to turn into fireplace. We’d take one of the other bedrooms until we can move the public space downstairs. Probably the one at the back of the house and let the Little One have the bedroom with the bath that is shared with the other bedroom. Safe room in the basement.

The architects have a little tweaking on the general layout, and I think they are going to suggest a layout for our furniture, too. We’ll need to get more specific with the downstairs kitchen eventually.  After we get the survey (which Don has requested), I think we go before the planning commission (or somewhere) because we may need a variance.  And we’re off!  Whee!  (Reality check soon, when we figure out how far our savings will go.  We hope it will get us into the house.)

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  1. B. Williams says:

    We are undergoing a similar project (relocating stairs and such) right here in Fayetteville too. We used Bret Park of Park Co. Architects, and they have done a wonderful job for us.

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