Fayetteville is not a large town

We met with our architects a week ago, and are now contemplating their plans while they propose ways to fit our furniture into the space. They asked for an inventory of our furniture and salvage, which I obsessively turned into a photo album with pictures and dimensions of everything we could find. (Keep in mind we have two storage units, so not everything is accessible. Like our upright freezer.  I no longer know which side it opens from, let alone its dimensions.) The photo album includes a picture of our house on the cover.

Tne next day, one of their clients came in to discuss a house they are building, and our album was still on the table. Client knew the house. In fact, the client owned the house for fifteen plus years. (Maybe twenty-five?) He sold it last summer to our neighbors, who sold it to us. Our architects say he’s nice as can be to work with, and that he’d enjoy telling us what he knows of the history.  Between him and son of the previous, previous owner, we would have quite a few years of house history if we can get over our innate shyness.

(That reminds me: I still have a post in my head on more connections to The Band, and a Delta Ramble post.  Lots of posts in my head never make it to paper, umm, bits and bytes.)

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