Architects and next steps. Oh, and Easter, too.

The architects have their as-built plans drawn up, and now want to talk about next steps. I am curious about the as-built plans since I have some trouble still understanding how the house is put together. I’m afraid, however, that I’m not sure what our next steps are. I listen to Don talk about ways to rearrange the inside of the house, and nod approvingly but cluelessly … I know I want the porches back, working bathrooms, a kitchen somewhere between the size of our last two, a place (or four) for Christmas trees, and functionality and flow, but I’m not catching the vision yet. Maybe the drawings will help.

I’d like to do things green. I’d like energy-efficiency, whole-house fans, permaculture (maybe – just learned that word this week), reflective sheathing, quiet HVAC, a room to call my own, a space for the Little One that doesn’t put her at risk inside the computer, a way to use most of our salvaged materials, accessibility, and I’d really like access to my stuff.

It irks me that I can’t just pull out a reference book about house styles because it’s in storage. It irks me that I had to buy a full-price zipper to finish an Easter dress although I have zippers in storage. It irks me that I had to buy a grater and a Bundt pan* to make a carrot cake because our two graters and three food processors and two Bundt pans and countless 9×13 sheet pans are in storage. It irks me that I can’t give away stuff because it’s in storage. But, that will all change some day. I just hope that it’s before I quit reading, sewing, and making carrot cake.

*I did wind up buying a silicon tube pan, which was kind of neat. I’m still not sure what I think about it. It still requires greasing, and it’s floppy so I’m not sure how easy it was to clean. Don did the clean-up.

We had to get ready fast for Easter because we went to Eureka Springs Friday/Saturday after spending Wednesday evening in the emergency room, and got back Easter Eve. We had big to-dos scheduled at church, followed by brunch with friends, so Saturday night, I ran to Target to help the Easter Bunny out and get necessary fixing for baking, and baked, then glazed Sunday morning while making sure the Easter basket was filled and delivered to the Little One, and dying eggs in between. Don had boiled eggs Tuesday, and we were expecting to color and dye on Wednesday, but three hours at the hospital messed up those plans.

The Little One had specific expectations involving the egg hunt this year. Two or maybe three Easters ago, I managed to persuade her that she should hide the eggs for Don to hunt. I have no memory of what we did last year, although I know we dyed eggs, and we did a hunt at church. It was very cold. The church egg hunt wasn’t enough this year. Instead, we went out to the Hill, where I was told to hide eggs for her, Don, and my mom to hunt. Not my dad because of his ataxia. So I did and they did. They found all but one hard-boiled egg, which seems pretty good to me.

I’m not clear what the Little One’s position is on the Easter Bunny. She has lots of [invisible] friends who are magic, and she’s Peter Pan’s sister, plus she talks to Tink[erbelle] and writes notes to Ozma [of Oz] with some frequency. She also pointed out a watchdog dad from Washington yesterday as evidence that Santa Claus is real. He has a white, furry beard.

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  1. Don says:

    Bundt pan clean-up was a snap. I ran it through the dishwasher.

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