Kitchen Wish List

Carrying on with my lists, we’re about to build our third kitchen in six years. (Fourth if you count the Ikea kitchen cabinets Don installed on the Hill, and I guess you should since we also put in a under-counter fridge and added a kitchen table and silverware and ate breakfast there occasionally, and drank lots of coffee). Or maybe our fourth and fifth, since we will likely build an interim kitchenette upstairs and then work on the big kitchen downstairs.

We used a kitchen designer for the first one, along with an architect, and it turned out quite nicely.  (The kitchen that came with the house was awful: the fridge door opened into the cooktop, which tilted so you couldn’t fry an egg, and the wall oven took up all the space to the right of the cooktop, and the only remaining counter space was occupied by a massive microwave.  And it was dark and grody.) Only things missing in the new kitchen: a place to put the phone and the kitchen towels. (Funnily enough, our architect in Chicago, Thomas Leo Prairie, actually went to school here in Fayetteville.)  I lobbied for the table-height side of the island you can see in the picture, and I really liked it.  The stained glass light is from Don’s time as a lighting store employee.  It’s in storage now, waiting for the right place in this house.  (The kitchen deserves its own post, but not today.)

Our next kitchen we did ourselves. The kitchen (along with the adjoining butler’s pantry and mudroom/pantry) was worn-out, but the lay-out was functional. It certainly deserves its own post, but here are some after pictures.

kitchen-with-passthrough-to-pantry.jpg kitchen-with-laundry-chute.jpg pans-and-griddle-cabinet.jpg tin-ceiling-and-salvaged-beadboard-in-kitchen.jpg kitchen-quartersawn-oak-floor.JPG

custom-butlers-pantry-shelving.jpg original-butlers-pantry-cabinet.jpg mud-room-with-pass-through.jpg

We never cooked in the kitchen after it was finished, but some of the functionality that I liked includes:

  • open shelves,
  • cookbook shelves,
  • laundry chute,
  • storage instead of soffits,
  • ladder storage (to reach the storage nearer the top of our 11 foot ceilings),
  • potential for library ladder (sold house instead of installing the library ladder — it’s now in storage),
  • shallow pantries custom built for me (measured my canned goods, my cereal, my rolling pins),
  • tray storage,
  • pass-through to the mud room (see the tulip stained glass window near the stove? It swings open).

I also liked the mix of maple and cherry, the colors, the tin ceiling, the salvaged beadboard, the salvaged quartersawn oak flooring, the lights (not pictured), and … but this post is supposed to be about my next kitchen. 

So, in no particular order, things I would like in a future kitchen (or nearby):

  • storage for dry goods
  • upright freezer (have one in storage)
  • French door refrigerator
    • with ice and water dispenser
  • possum belly hoosier cabinet
  • double wall ovens (already bought)
  • second dishwasher (considering a one-drawer washer in the laundry room or maybe an 18″ d/w upstairs)
  • coffee space near sink
  • marble baking space (maybe with a drop-in cutting board)
  • open shelves, with lots of room for cook books (we probably have 6+ linear feet of cook books)
  • soapstone counter tops
  • farm sink
  • plug mold (really want it this time – electricians keep claiming it’s too hard to do)
  • cook top (bought a five-burner in Chicago over Christmas, but the picture is in the Little One’s camera).
  • space for cookie sheets, loaf pans, muffin tins (lots of baking stuff)
  • the Kitchen-Aid mixer
  • lots of electric devices (maybe a wall of cubbies in the hallway)
  • linen cabinet/drawers (in the dining room?)
  • china storage (Don has bought me two sets of china we’ve never eaten from) (in the dining room with a pass-through from the kitchen?)
  • trash/recycling drawer
  • a dumbwaiter (for laundry, groceries, and so forth)
  • eat-in space

And probably some other things, but my list (and my sketches) are Some Place Else.  Maybe with Harriett Elizabeth Cow.

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