Eastern Arkansas Ramble through the Delta

Don and I have been talking for a couple of months about going to Helena-West Helena, to see what a Mississippi River town looks like. Now, we can!

The Historic Preservation Alliance of Arkansas is rambling to the Dynamic Delta March 29th, and Don and I are going. Brinkley, Blackton, Marvel and Helena are on the tour. It starts way too early Saturday morning (8 a.m. in Little Rock – 3 hours from home), but, at least for the Christmas ramble, there was orange juice (and mimosas!) and doughnuts on the tour bus, along with something to eat everywhere we stopped. Plus old houses! And people who like them! Can’t miss with that combination. At least for me.

Y’all come on if you want to join us — there’s still room on the bus, and the HPAA people are friendly.

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