San Diego with Excuses

We were in San Diego the end of February, and then I needed a week to uncover my desk. And a week for Easter. And a week to re-cover my desk. And then we went to the Delta. And came back. And once I started to write again, the blog experienced technical difficulties in the middle of this post. (My computer now refuses to give me the thumbnail option. My brother can’t diagnose it long-distance. So, I’m working around the problem by uploading only thumbnailish-sized photos. Let me know how irritating it is. Huh. After re-exporting my San Diego photos as smaller jpg’s and uploading them, the computer now offers me thumbnails. Maybe it was a flaw in the way I exported them from iPhoto. Oh well. They’ll still mostly be smallish, I guess, just so I can finish this post and get on with life.)

So, San Diego six weeks later.

Sunday we spent with a college friend and her family. We went to La Jolla, and saw pelicans, seals, and a retaining wall with abalone shells. (Maybe we can do some concrete work like this.  Only with indigenous materials like beer bottles and pull tabs.)  Also the Scripps Aquarium.

pelicans-near-la-jolla.JPG seals-at-childrens-beach-san-diego.JPG abalone-wall.JPG scripps-aquarium-shark-with-us.JPG

We also rode the trolley (everywhere), ate Italian pastries for breakfast, walked along the beach, watched the sunset, and admired preschool pizza chefs.

san-diego-trolley.JPG don-and-san-diego-sunset.JPG preschool-pizza-chefs.JPG

Don toured the Marston House while I conferenced. I saw the Marston House Gardens. He said it was a great Arts & Crafts house. The gardens were quite formal.


We bought some architectural salvage, too. (We are such house geeks. My mother in law sent us some money to spend any way we wanted to in San Diego, and we bought drawer pulls with it.)

san-diego-architectural-salvage.JPG deco-drawer-pulls-san-diego.JPG

We had a little rain, enough that the natives complained, but we didn’t mind. Mostly, we had blue skies and good times.

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