The Little One is building and planning

The Little One is sure she can do anything we bigger people can. (Generally a good attitude when you’re 5.5 years old, but the size of a small four year old, even though it terrifies me at times.) So, when we pull nails and wear dust masks, she does, too.  She’s been salvaging for at least three years.  Whenever she finds an old nail or scrap of wood, she picks it up for her Daddy. This winter, she’s started building.

She has a secret club house in her room, comprising:  a barbie house that a southern Illinois antique mall owner gave her, a window screen for the roof, an Italianate doll house Santa brought her as a wall, her nap mat from kindergarten (where they gave up naps at Christmas) that acts as a movable wall, and a built-in desk.  (The pictures don’t convey the versatility or coolness, so I omitted them.)

Here is a house she made of plastic-ish wall tiles from our bathroom. I’m not sure what is on the roof. Maybe a roach bait? Something she found during demolition.

Tin tile house Tile roof

Here she is. (She wore this outfit to work on the house. Perhaps she tends toward June Cleaver?)

The Little One

Here is a village she built one Sunday at the Hill. She asked my dad how to spell ‘Welcome,’ but otherwise the plan is hers.

village.jpg village-welcome.jpg

Here is a house zoo she built from wood scraps at my folks’ house on the Hill. And one of its occupants.

Wood scraps house on the Hill Zoo occupant

Here, though, is my favorite. Her sketch of what her room might be like at the new house.

Little One’s room plan

It is two levels. Her make-up desk is downstairs. There’s a bowl of lip gloss on the desk. Her backpack and coat are hanging on the wall. I don’t remember what the two things hanging from a string are. Her purses? Mittens? A jump rope. (Good thing she remembered.)  Upstairs, she has a closet with bifold doors, and on the doors, we have a variety of holiday-themed decorations. (Trees, hearts, Easter eggs.) To the left of the closet, we see a rocking chair throne, with castle decorations on the wall and tulips and so forth growing in front and around the throne. I think the triangles on top are the roof.

We hired an architect team Tuesday — I hope they enjoy working with us half as much as we enjoy watching the Little One build and plan.

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One Response to “The Little One is building and planning”

  1. Kelli says:

    I had such a big smile on my face while I was reading this. Maybe you should pull out Little One’s drawing when you meet with the architect and say with a perfectly straight face, “This is pretty much what we have in mind. Can you work with this? The Easter Eggs on the door are an absolute must, but we’ll leave the colors up to you.”

    Heehee! You housebloggers with kids are making me so eager to have kids! (Don’t tell Brandon! Haha!)


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