How to tell you are watching too much HGTV …

… When your 5yo daughter finds some kids’ names chalked on the underside of the stairs in the grody, dark, scary hallway and says, “Mom! Now we can be on TV!”  So I took her picture with them.  I think we may be watching too much If Walls Could Talk.

Martin and Madalyn names Under stairs Grody under stairs

(names in blue chalk: Martin, Madlen [sp?], Tom J., Jack B.)  She also helped clear out under the stairs, wearing a dust mask and gloves that were too big for her, until I got grossed out by it all.  Then we turned to nail pulling.

Trust me.  It’s much grodier in real life.  It’s cramped, dark, dusty, and there were old mice nests in the ceiling.  (We washed her coat when we got home.)

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