Apartment 3 Occupants

I’m glad we’re doing demolition in the winter for many reasons. It’s not humid. It’s easier to wear protective clothing. (You should see Don’s favorite long-sleeved t-shirt. Every day it comes home with another nail snag, or claw hammer attack.) The dust mask is not so sweaty nor the safety glasses so irritating.

But I’m especially glad about it being winter when I discover the critters we share our house with. In demolishing Apartment 3 this weekend, I found lots of these mud dauber nests:

Mud daubers 1 Mud daubers 2 Mud daubers 3

I think the holes mean they’ve all been vacated.

And two things that are less alarming in the short term:

Ladybugs ivy-in-the-window.jpg

Ladybugs and (dead) ivy.  It’s not good that the ivy had gotten into the house, but it is good that we’ve already had the house painted and the ivy pulled off, so it’s dead.

Demolition proceeds apace.

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One Response to “Apartment 3 Occupants”

  1. Don says:

    I forgot to tell you. I found some live ones yesterday in the back bedroom.. They were pretty lethargic. I looked for bug spray, but could only find WD40. It did the trick. I saw one back there today buzzing the window like a fly. One doesn’t worry me. I let it live.

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