Pictures of the gap between addition and older part of house

[ETA:  Well, hmmm.  I thought I posted this yesterday, and the blog thought so, too.  However, I just looked at the front page of the blog and it wasn't there.]

You may remember the gap between our house and addition where the rain blows through from yesterday. My brother wrote that he had trouble visualizing the gap so here are pictures.

The clapboard (seen at right) is the original exterior, and the pine sheathing (left) is the interior of the addition. The bright white vertical line is the gap, formed where the addition meets the original house.

Gap between addition and original house

You might see trees through the gap in the close-up (below) if you click through.

Close-up of gap between addition and house

Here are exterior shots to put this in perspective. The gap in question is above the garage, at the inside corner where the 50s (asbestos?) siding meets the older clapboard siding. To orient you, you can almost see the window in the first interior picture (to the right, above).

Exterior view of gap location close-up-of-joint-between-house-and-addition.jpgExterior view after painting started

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  1. Amalie says:

    I was driving home from work yesterday and thought, “Hmm. That house looks especially familiar.” It was your house! I have to tell you that the outside pics don’t do it justice. It’s really fantastic!

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