Raindrops keep blowing through my wall

Remember the brisk breeze I could feel blowing in the seam between the fifty-year-old addition and the rest of the house when the front came blowing in last week?  Not to mention the nice view of the outside you could catch a glimpse of through that same seam?  It turns out that rain can blow in through that same seam.  (We took the drywall and ceiling tile wall off those walls, which made visible the gap.  No house wrap or insulation.)

Not sure what to do about that.  Maybe 3M window film from the inside.  Or a huge bead of caulk.  I can’t even figure out a good Google search for clues: 

  • How to fill a hole in exterior wall
  • How to block a hole in exterior wall
  • Drafty wall repair

all give pretty meaningless results.  (Drafty wall repair gave, as its very first hit, a spreadsheet for anesthesia services, apparently because there is a code for “Anesth, chest wall repair.”  Hope I don’t need that done, too.) I tried houseblogs.net, which has a nifty feature that lets you search all the registered houseblogs, and those houseblog searches, along with “gap in wall” and all the other variants I could think of came up empty.

So, I’ve posted the question on the houseblogs discussion board, and hope that something will come of it.

For now, I figure the wall is open so it will dry out.  Don says there’s a roof leak at about the same place, too.  Well, we knew we needed a new roof. 

In the meantime, I’ll just think of Burt Bacharach and B J Thomas, and hum a little chorus:

Raindrops keep blowing in my house
But that doesn’t mean that I’ll soon be feeling lous-y
Lousy’s not for me
’cause I’m going to stop the leaks and the dripping
Because I’m free
Nothing’s worrying me.

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3 Responses to “Raindrops keep blowing through my wall”

  1. Bill says:

    I’m having trouble visualizing. Do you have a picture?

    Could you (at least for the short term) get a long piece of vinyl siding to cover the gap on the outside? Not attractive but perhaps effective.

  2. Lisa says:

    If I had a picture, I’d post it. In fact, I’ve only heard about the rain and didn’t think to take a shot of the gap this weekend. Maybe later today. I’m thinking right now of maybe using housewrap on the inside, and fill it with expanding polyurethane. (If I didn’t put in a backer, the foam would expand through the gap and look like a nasty fungus.

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