Fly swatter to go with our fly swatting chairs

It’s Snow Day 2 here in NW Arkansas for the Little One.  I still have to work.  The Little One got to sleep in today — yesterday, we had her up and dressed before we learned school was canceled.  Naturally, my thoughts are turning to spring, or maybe summer, and the flies that go with the change of seasons.

I want a leather fly swatter. My dad and I spent a while last summer looking for a fly swatter of normal length. Actually, I just looked for any fly swatter. When I found one (or rather three) for a dollar, they turned out not to be as long as those of my childhood, so I think it made it hard for Daddy to compensate.

leather fly swatter

While I was in Lehman’s online catalog (long story short, I was looking for storm window numbers tacks), I came across this: It’s 20″ long, and $5.00. Maybe I’ll buy two: one for me and one for Daddy. It’ll go great with my fly-swatting chairs from the auction this fall.


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One Response to “Fly swatter to go with our fly swatting chairs”

  1. Amalie says:

    Same thing at our house: up and dressed and ready to go before we checked the news– just in case.

    I am so ready for flies to be our biggest problem. Well that, and the mosquitos. And the humidity. I’ll take all of those over snow I have to traipse through to get to work. If I could stay home, it’d be one thing. I hate the cold so much.

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