Our orphaned Italianate: Let’s do the numbers

Feb 2001 (Before) Before

lp_finished_exterior_07.jpglp_finished_exterior_01.jpg After (front and back)

We’ve left our Italianate all alone in Chicago, hoping that it will buck the slow market soon.  Our helpful real estate agent did some counting for us last week:  61 agents, 5 broker open houses, 20 weeks on the market, and an ”average [of] a showing a week.” 

Additional numbers she didn’t mention:  two price reductions, zero offers, two mortgages, one lease, six months in a commuter marriage and commuter parenting, eighteen months without a kitchen, forty years of benign neglect in the house, four large rooms of olive green sculptured carpet gone, six overgrown yews and one elderly crabapple removed, four bathrooms gutted, one leaking roof replaced, one garage replaced, 5 gazillion antique clay pavers (6 pounds each) moved five times (usually in the rain), one complete rewiring, one front porch rebuilt, one back porch re-created, 644 miles from the orphaned Italianate (and Don’s family) to here. 

On the other hand, one dream job, 50% reduction in housing costs (if we ever get to buy), two actual snow days last winter, the Little One getting to know her maternal grandparents and relatives, and the knowledge that we can rehabilitate an orphaned house.  It all adds up to the knowledge that we can do some pretty amazing things and explains why we’re willing to do it again.

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  1. Amalie says:

    It’s so nice to hear someone say they’d rehab a house again! We’re in the throes of our first home renovation– a 1925 Bungalow in Fort Smith. It’s in a neighborhood a lot like Washington/Willow, near my family, and also cheaper than Fayetteville (where we are now!). So I can relate to your motives to move. It gives me a lot of hope that we’ll survive this mess. And maybe even come out the other side willing to do it again.

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