Apartment 5 Demolition: Nearly Done

I think we are essentially done with the basement demolition, which includes: Apartment 5, the garage, and the basement itself. I guess we have a bit more in the bathroom, but not much.  And some kitchen appliances to take to the Habitat store.

Now we can see the ash removal space for the upstairs fireplace.  (It was behind the drywall.)  The rotten studs are gone.  (In making Apartment 5, the POs had dug out the basemen, but didn’t protect the stud walls from the now-dirt floor.  We saw some old insect damage, too, even though the termite inspection gave us an absolute clean bill of health.)  The nasty smelling closet where the toilet had leaked for untold years is gone.  And the whole flow is much improved, except that the removal of walls means that now the whole basement has turned into unconditioned space.  At least, until we figure out the whole workshop configuration and where to put doors, and what sort of doors.  Maybe French doors to allow the light to flow from conditioned space to unconditioned space.  Maybe today I will take measurements so I can start sketching out workshop space.

I say “we,” but it’s Don who does the demolition. I did remove a lot of the walls from Apartment 1′s dry bedroom and some of the wet bedroom, but Don hauled my trashcans of debris to the dumpster, and Don started the drywall tearout for me, and Don muscled out the worst bits for me. (I can use the prybar and a cheater quite well, but it sure is handy to have back up for me.) I didn’t do anything in the basement except admire it. Not even document it, apparently.

I would post pictures, but my before and after pictures don’t show how grody it was before, nor how (relatively) nice it is after.  However, take my word for it:  It is better.

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