Habitat’s Fayetteville (AR) ReStore – Closet Maid deals!

I stopped in the Fayetteville Habitat ReStore on Saturday. They have a very nice assortment of shopworn boxes and boxes of Closet Maid, at what appear to be great prices. We have too much Elfa in storage and not enough closets to take advantage, but I thought I’d share this news with northwest Arkansas.

The Habitat store is a bit tricky to find and impossible to find in the internet. You can go behind the Thai restaurant on 71B or turn east onto 16th Street off 71B. In either case, you head for the Salvation Army thrift store and look to the north. You will see what appears to be a Hostess/Wonderbread thrift store in a long, low-lying yellow building. The northerly half of that building is the (unlabeled) Habitat store.


It is open only Fridays and Saturdays, and has a variety of used or shopworn materials at reduced prices along with some more unusual offerings. There are lots of NIB lights, some fasteners, snow shovels, etc. Very used appliances. Newer windows and doors.  Ceiling fans. Lumber. Furniture. The Little One bought a Mary icon thingy (see below) there for fifty cents in December.


Worth visiting on occasion.  We will be visiting there with ten or twelve ceiling fans and five kitchens worth of appliances sometime in the near future.

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