The Mailbox Question Raises the Doorbell Question

I think we will be going with a bronze mailbox.* Or maybe a wood one. (Mailbox numbers 1, 4, 6 or 10 being my current favorites, but hard to justify.  Especially when Jennifer at Tiny Old House saw Mailbox Number 2 for $40 on clearance.) Or maybe a plastic one.  Anyway, we need a doorbell, too, so I have started looking for one that would help me choose a mailbox.**

Despite having five apartments, we have no doorbells or knockers.  Based on my selection, I apparently feel any doorbell should come with instructions (“press”) or who should use them (“visitors”).

1. The Art Nouveau doorbell from Waterglass Studios ($50 at the first link or $46 here or $39.89 here. I lean toward the oil-rubbed finish.) (Wouldn’t you know it was from Waterglass Studios? One of my favorite mailboxes is, too, but I found them in separate searches on separate days. Actually, I like all their mailboxes. And the $39.89 doorbell seller has my mailbox for $249.95, s/h included. $4 less than WS itself.  Still darn expensive.)


2. NuTone RCPB702 Oil Rubbed Bronzed Lighted Pushbutton ($10 + 10.50 s/h)


3. Rejuvenation’s Lighted “Press” Button ($48)


4. Rejuvenation’s Putman Classic Doorbell Button ($23) [but expect lengthy delays]


5. Byron’s Visitor Surface Mounted Lighted Bell Push (MSRP $55, available for around $45)


6. Byron’s Pisces Recessed Bell Push (MSRP $39, available for around $30)


7. Byron’s Moonlight Surface Mounted Lighted Bell Push (MSRP $55, available for around $45)


8. Another Waterglass doorbell,”Victorian Style” ($39 + $7)


* Here is a good snapshot of one of our bad mailboxes. If you know anyone who would like one to five similar boxes, send them my way.  Funny thing.  Don ran into our mail carrier at our new house last week.  The carrier knew we were getting mail both at the apartment and at the five-flat.  Due in part to the lack of a dedicated mailbox at the five-flat, he’s planning to deliver all our mail to the apartment since both places are on his route.  Nice.


** More window shopping to come.  Now I’m thinking that I could do the whole front porch, at least virtually.  We still need new numbers and probably a new light.  Not sure what Don thinks of this light, but he usually wants to replace most of the lights.  Although Don says the standard issue hardware store numbers aren’t bad, I don’t think they do much for the house.  Oh dear.  We may never get the front entry done if I have to figure out all the bits at once.


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One Response to “The Mailbox Question Raises the Doorbell Question”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hmm… those are all VERY cool. But, none of them “match” the Craftsman style mailbox you picked… although Doorbell #4 could work with any of them since it has simple lines!

    I think the other doorbells match the style of your house so well though… tough decisions!

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