Window Shopping for a Mailbox

I really want a mailbox at our house.  I don’t want one of the five the house came with. We still have two of those five hanging up in our front entryway: one for us (or perhaps the guy who was in the process of moving out when we bought the house) and one for our tenant. They’re little, ugly, and not too functional for today’s mail. Did I mention ugly?  old-mailboxes.jpg

(Sorry about the picture.  Apparently, I haven’t taken a picture of just the mailboxes so this is at tremendous magnification from a picture of the whole house so I lost some resolution.  They are worse up close.)

I started window shopping. Here are ten that might do. (We have a house that is a transitional farmhouse/arts and crafts/colonial revival, and we’re probably most focused on the arts and crafts aspects — except my heart is apparently with Queen Victoria or Anne. Still.)  The mailbox will be in a sheltered area so either wood or metal should be fine.

Mailboxes are listed in the approximate order of discovery. I think I’m leaning toward copper at present. Will get back to you when/if we get one unless we go to a big box store and buy another ugly one.

1. Waterglass Studios 10A Handmade Smooth Antique Copper Horizontal Wall Mounted Arts & Crafts Mailbox ($295)


2. Smith and Hawken Mailbox ($89)

3. Pinecone Covered Mailbox ($110)

4. Glasgow 12 Square Longbody Bronze Arroyo ($168)


5. Chaenomeles envelope style copper mailbox ($489)


6. Vintage Woodworks mailbox #357 ($253 CAD)


7. Pacific motif mailbox $130


8. Popular Woodworking (labor plus materials)


9. Art Nouveau Copper Mailbox ($279 for medium size)


10. Wood vented mailbox ($210)


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3 Responses to “Window Shopping for a Mailbox”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I love them all! Of course, I like #1 and #5 the best. WHat can I say… expensive taste!

    Funny thing about #2… I JUST saw it at Lowes yesterday on clearance as an open box special. I ALMOST bought it because it was only $40, but then I realized it didn’t match our house at all. Although now I’m rethinking… I wonder if it is still there?

  2. GrandHolly says:

    Did you know chaenomeles is (also) flowering quince?

  3. [...] think we will be going with a bronze mailbox.* Or maybe a wood one. (Mailbox numbers 1, 4, 6 or 10 being my current favorites, but hard to justify.  Especially when Jennifer at Tiny [...]

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