Revealing Apartment 1′s Porch

As I wrote before Christmas, we want to convert the left two-thirds of the house to porch, in part because it used to be porch. (Also, we love being outside without mosquitoes, and we hope to be able to use the space often. Heck, it got up into the 60s over the weekend here.)  The flooring from the original upstairs porch is still visible from the outside.

Exterior of our house

The inside of the lower past/future porch is inside Apartment 1 and you can see it through the arch from our future dining room. These pictures were taken before the tenant left and demolition began.  There was a window on the right side, and a closet on the left side.  (Also, three windows across the front.)

Before tenant’s departure Porch in Apartment 1 (right)

Don removed some of the ceiling tiles in the section beyond the arch and found …

Porch ceiling in Apartment 1

Green beadboard. So there is a little original fabric to the house that I think we’ll keep.

I removed the rest of the tiles from the lower front porch ceiling on Saturday.  And Sunday, I demolished most of one closet (also made of ceiling tiles) in the dry bedroom in Apartment 1.  And admired Don removing more ceiling tile walls in the wet bedroom* in Apartment 1.  Some of the walls in the dry bedroom were drywall over ceiling tile.  Not a lick of insulation anywhere. 

Wait.  That’s not quite true.  We found a ball of insulation in the interior wall in the wet bedroom about the size of a football, with a Diet Slice can next to it.  I don’t know where that came from, but I know it’s going into the dumpster. 

We had another gas meter replaced today.  For those of you counting, we have had three of our eleven meters replaced so far, all at the utility’s expense.

*The “wet” bedroom is so-named because, after the pipes froze New Year’s Day/night, we found a new drip in that bedroom.  It looks like the drip may not be coming from the pipes inside that bedroom’s ceiling, but from a leak in the bathroom above.  There has been standing water on that floor, and I am not quite sure where it came from.  I guess we’ll figure it out soon enough.

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