Under two (!) layers of carpet …

we found a pretty nice pine floor in the foyer.

I’ve never heard of not removing carpet before you put down new.

I’ve heard of layers upon layers of linoleum. I’ve even removed layers of linoleum at my uncle’s house.

I’ve heard of layers upon layers of roofing. My first condo (at the Churchill) came with a flat roof which had never had a single layer removed since it was built in the 1910s. The discovery was made via coring, like you would for oil. I think there were seven layers, where city code would only allow for two or maybe three before tear-off time. Removing and replacing that roof was expensive, but at least the roof didn’t cave in before it was removed.

I’ve never heard of not removing carpet.

Don pulled the carpet out of the foyer today. Well, except for the part that is under the sofa bed* that persistently smells like wet dog and is upended in the foyer corner next to Apartment 2. I think it has been abandoned by the former tenant of Apartment 1 after he discovered that even the Salvation Army won’t take a sofa that smells like wet dog. But I don’t know that for sure. Maybe the tenant is coming back for it along with his other, ahem, personal detritus. I do plan to make sure it (the sofa and possibly the personal detritus — not the the former tenant or his dog) is in the dumpster before the dumpster departs and my mother in law arrives. The smell is a little off-putting.

But I digress. Don removed two layers of carpet with padding in between, although he says the older carpet would hardly qualify as carpet, and underneath he found some nice heart pine (below). The foyer floor is laid perpemdicular to the floor in Apartment 1, but parallel to the floor in Apartment 2, which could mean two layers of floor or something weird with the floor joists or something else. (The front part of Apartment 1 is to the left in the photo I posted yesterday, where the front porch would have been. And Apartment 2 is to the right.) All the floors are the same elevation, so I doubt there are two layers.

foyer-carpets.jpg foyer-floor.jpg

He uncovered the stairs, too. There seems to have been several attempts to dress them up with paint.  Lovely.

carpeted-stairs.jpg uncarpeted-stairs.jpg

* I wonder why the term is “sofa bed” and not “couch bed.” I looked around, but still don’t know the answer. I did learn that the word couch is of French origin (couchier, to lie down) and sofa is Turkish (from the Arabic word suffa, carpet or divan). Surprised me since I had guessed that couch was the old English word and sofa from the Norman invasion. Maybe the furniture itself is post-William the Conqueror, then.

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2 Responses to “Under two (!) layers of carpet …”

  1. C. Kronan says:

    While it kind of hard to tell from the photos, your floors are probably oak, not pine. The grain does not look like heart pine at all.

  2. Lisa says:

    The grain and coloring doesn’t look like the oak we have in the living room, either. I guess we’ll keep an eye on it and see how it cleans up.

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