Reducing square footage. Good idea?

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Two-thirds of the front of our house used to be open porches. The decking of the upstairs front porch is still sticking out between the first and second floors. I was coming back from a visit with a client one afternoon, and I looked up and saw an exact match (above, right)for our house. If you exclude the double gables and walk-out basement in front and windows arrangement and so forth. At least, it has two-thirds of the front open, with a center entry.

Now Don and I are talking about putting the porches back. Screened to keep the mosquitos out. With easy house access. And probably keeping the large number of windows. The lower porch would be connected to the dining room. (I think Don said the old footprint would have been 15×8, which should be big enough for outdoor dining and people watching.) The upper porch to the master bedroom. Probably. Maybe with those huge sliding/folding glass doors that I remember from Chicago bars and restaurants. Or just some nice lockable French doors. And it woud feel a bit like a treehouse. Especially once we get our dead trees replaced and regrown.

Reducing square footage, while hoping to increase the house’s value.  Well, it will be more valuable to us. :)   So, it should be a good idea.

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