Projects in a 21st Century Modern House, Ikea Kitchen

Since we lived with my folks for nearly a year, Don has the endearing habit of making himself useful. Our in-law quarters had a little space for a kitchen (think half a hallway), which featured open shelves my dad put together from one-by-sixes and a laminate countertop, with no storage beneath.

We took a road-trip to Dallas (mostly to see my aunt and uncle and check out their most fabulous, ongoing 4-square renovation) and stopped at Ikea. We bought sufficient RTA cabinets to fill the upper wall, in part to see how hard it would be (but mostly to make that space more useful for us). It turned out pretty well.

I built the carcases one afternoon while Don and the Little One were visiting Chicago, and Don and I hung them. Don then assembled and hung the doors.  We got two kinds of doors: the regular swinging doors plus some garage-style doors that open overhead and stay open until you close them.  This project got the microwave off the countertop, and increased storage space considerably.  Not to mention making it look nice.

It’s hard to get a good picture since the kitchen is essentially a hallway, but I’ll try to get Don to take some so we can post later.  The hardest part for me was translating the pictures in the instructions into words.  I’m a lot better at words than figures, but I guess the instruction writers/illustrators were trying to avoid the hilarities that ensue when you translate one language into another.*

*I have just found a most unusual site while looking for examples of funny translations.  It is called the dialectizer, and will translate any web page into a dialect.  For example, I asked it to translate a recent entry by me into redneck.  An excerpt: 

Packers packed th’ almost-adopped o’phan yessuhterday.  Emppied th’ sto’age unit an’ stopped thet corntrack.  (Or, rather, husbin did, cuss it all t’ tarnation.)  … Movahs is supposed t’load an’ leave today.  Husbin is supposed t’leave Chicago (an’ arrive in Fayetteville!) t’morry.  Closin’ is supposed t’be Friday.  Stuff is supposed to show up hyar on Tuesday.  Still some nigglin’ odds an’ inds, but thet’s whut lawyers an’ Realto’s is fo’.  (An’ husbins.)  Ah hope.

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