Searching for More Appliances

We hit two more big box store clearance aisles this weekend, confirmed that our double oven deal was a great deal and the front-loading washer was a good deal, and didn’t find a perfect other deal.  We saw a French door stainless fridge with water and ice in the door, but it was a bit high.*  We saw a Duet dryer, but it was electric.  We saw a great cooktop, but it was full price.  No dishwashers of interest anywhere.  I felt a bit like Goldilocks — everything was too big or too small, and I want something juuuuust right.

Of course, we haven’t exhausted our local options.  We have Tucker’s scratch and dent (closed on Sundays) in Springdale and, I think, Rogers.  And an appliance place (Master something?) near the Lighting Emporium in Lowell, which our painter says has great deals in the back room.  And a mysterious warehouse, Nino’s, in Tontitown, which claims to have LG appliances (scratch and dent) for amazing prices. (Consumer Reports seems to like the LG dryers just fine, except for the lack of repair history.) The time or two we’ve tried to visit, they weren’t open.  Maybe we can take a break next Saturday and explore these places and revisit the ones we’ve been to.  (Not Nino’s.  It’s only open Monday-Thursday.)

It isn’t a crisis just yet (having only owned the house three or four days), but it will be easier to design the kitchen once we have the appliances.  Maybe we can wrap up the kitchen appliance hunt in January.

*We used our scratch-and-dent** French door fridge last Christmas in Chicago to store appetizer trays, and really liked it.  (Kitchen wasn’t done enough for us to make our own treats so we ordered trays.)  We don’t think we want to go back to a single door fridge since we would have to allow more space to walk around it.  The side-by-side would be OK, except for the width of the interior refrigerator space.  We don’t need a big freezer space since we have an upright freezer.

**I am glad Don has accepted the idea of scratch and dent — he originally (say, six years ago) was opposed to the very notion of it, but now he gets that many of the dents are where no sane person would ever look.  We started out with scratch and dent washer/dryers, and have moved forward from there.  I think all our appliances in the last kitchen were scratch and dent, or previously owned (found on Craig’s List or EBay in Chicago).

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