Acquiring Appliances

Since the tenant in Apartment 1 is leaving this week,* we can start work on the kitchen soon. So, it is time to start acquiring appliances. (We left all our appliances, except the upright freezer, with our Italianate.) Don thinks I have good luck at finding them, but it is probably more serendipity.** Friday night, we made our Lowes’ run to make Day 2 of demolition smoother, and I persuaded the Little One to play house in the kitchen area instead of the windows and doors area while Don found putty knives and electrical tape. (By the way, the windows and doors area is splendid for playing house. The kitchen area? Not so much.)

Anyway, I checked out the clearance appliances. Mostly, they weren’t what I wanted, but there was a nice Whirlpool Duet front loading washer and a very nice Frigidaire double wall oven. The double wall oven was not yet priced, but the washer was 45% off the regular price. We kept playing, and eventually someone came out to price the double wall oven. It was 35% off. I found out the wall oven was a former floor model which had had its bottom window replaced by the manufacturer, and the washer was a former loaner (so it had had someone else’s clothes in it — horrors). It was pushing 9 o’clock, so we went home to watch Frosty the Snowman*** and do our due diligence.

Went home, checked Consumer Reports and pricing. Confirmed the prices were good. Went to bed. Saturday morning, we re-discussed whether we wanted these appliances.

1st issue: The Little One is likely to always be little, and Don’s mom had trouble using her wall oven due to height — the oven was too tall, and she wasn’t. Resolution: The second wall oven will be lower than the first, so it should be OK.

2nd issue: Whether we could deal with reduced counter space. Resolution: Make the kitchen bigger if we need to.

3rd issue: Whether we wanted a washer with such a distinctive look that we might be compelled to buy a matching dryer. Conclusion: Risk we’re willing to take.

Off I went to buy appliances at 8 a.m. Saturday morning – quick before the sitter arrived so Don and I could spend the morning doing more demolition.

Buying the appliances was a relative breeze. Partly because I went by myself. Partly because 8 a.m. is pretty early for the big box store on a Saturday. Partly because the employees really wanted to work.

I hit a snag or two, like the wall ovens had a hold on them by someone in management, and I was issued two rebate coupons, when I expected one, but the employees just rang up people who knew how to resolve the snags. And, by the way, besides saving $1246 off list, I am getting $259 in rebates (which I mailed today). ($59 for delivery and the rest for buying expensive appliances, even though they were on clearance). I think the delivery includes an appliance removed for each one we bought, so I am hopeful we can send a range and maybe a dead fridge. (We have five. Of each, although I guess they aren’t all dead.) I did buy an extended warranty, which I don’t usually, on the theory that the manufacturer’s warranty may be dead by the time we get to use the kitchen.

Decided against buying a pedestal for the washer ($227 or so, list), but will keep an eye out for that on clearance. Our painter has a dryer that may be a match for the washer. Electric, when I wanted gas, so I will have to think about that. Will want to watch for a nice cooktop now. And a French door refrigerator. And resolve the hood versus microwave debate. But no big hurry. We still have more demolition to do.

Wall Ovens Front Loading Washer

To wrap up our Saturday, we went to The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, and then to a different Lowe’s, which had no appliances of real interest, and then Braum’s for “dinner” (at 9 o’clock). The Little One fell asleep on the way home.

*Don even saw his four-wheeler with the broken axle leaving. I had sort of assumed it would be abandoned in our one-car garage.

**Serendipity: Having a prepared and open mind so that you recognize luck when it comes your way. Created by Horace Walpole, and derived from a story about princes of Serendip who made discoveries through a combination of “accidents and sagacity.” The Wikipedia entry has an interesting collection of examples from science. And The Travels and Adventures of Serendipity, by Merton and Barber and reviewed in American Scientist, sounds like a book my father would enjoy.

***I love the Tivo-like thing that comes with our cable package. We can record Mr. Rogers and This Old House, and watch them at our leisure without having to understand much in the way of technology. Very annoying though because DIY plays just three seasons of TOH over and over and over. (The Carlisle barn spec house, D.C., and that one with George in the red modern house.)

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2 Responses to “Acquiring Appliances”

  1. Mike & Angie says:

    Good finds . . . I know what you mean about TOH on DIY! It’s not like there is over 20 years of footage there to choose from . . . not to mention, they picked some of the worst seasons to air!

    Anyway . . . good luck on the rest of your appliance shopping!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Awesome deals! You have to love things like that!

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